Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I've been working on some GFX.

Ok, so I've been streaming on twitch 2 times a week, along with some other ladies I met at Pinstar's Channel. And I decided I wanted to make some handy dandy graphics to use in my stream, while I'm learning how to use OBS. I made my self some and some for Mrs.Cathryne and her channel. And am currently working on a little gift for DarkMimi and her channel.

Here's one I made for default, any simmer can use because it fits nicely with the sims 4, and just looks like any other panel in the game.

 Here's a bit of mine:

Mine were my first attempts at screen overlays for broadcast, so you know I'll redo them in time. but they work great for now. 

And here's what I did for MrsCathryne:

for Cat's the purple button will only pop up when people click follow during her stream, and it will pop up over top of her picture box on the top left. I sized it to perfectly fit over that little box. I'm excited to see how it will look when she's streaming. I also made her a variation for when she plays windowed mode, basically the same thing but with a wider frame along the top. 

I now have DarkMimi's screen resolution, and her favorite color, so that's my next project, followed by PlayerVShobbies and her Channel

I don't swim in money like scrouge Mcduck, so this is the next best thing I can do to give back and show my appreciation. :) I'm also planning some for ImaginingMystic's channel and Pinstar's channel, you know if they want me to. <3

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